What Others have said about Mr. Watson’s revealing book:

Watson’s book is obligatory reading for every thinking individual. . . The major conclusion, to me, is this: We must periodically re-interpret the Bible in order to understand it ourselves in the spirit of the most advanced consciousness possible of the given age we live in."

                                                                                                                                             Dr. Adam Makkai

           Professor of Linguistics,

           University of Illinois at Chicago

               Fulbright-Hayes Senior Research Professor,

               National University of Singapore (1985-86)


"AN INTRIGUING AND DELIGHTFUL BOOK. . . It's the kind of book that could become a bestseller. . . because it tells in clear and simple language how the cosmic mysteries of the ages impinge on us today, directly and personally. . . the truths contained in this little book are more than a diversion: they are a dispensation. "



    Reviews by Richard Nolle

July 1985 @ Dell Publishing Co. Inc.

    Used by Permission

A great, original and fascinating book, whole heartedly written by a clear minded man of faith and insight. It is actually   is three engrossing  and thought provoking  books  skillfully interwoven and blended into one. It is of Theology, Psychology, and Astrology subtly interacting to encompass man...body and soul...in the universe prepared for him. The reader will get all the benefit and pleasure due him by reading this book, which I highly recommend reading.

Dr. Isaac Fried

Professor of Mathematics

Boston University

Boston, MA


"A revelation of astounding relationships between mythological, astrological, psychological and Biblical truths . . A guide to the coming Aquarian Age. "

                                                         FOCUS Magazine

                                            Book Reviews by Kate Yunt

                          December 1984 @ Focus Magazine Inc.

                                                          Used by Permission


"Ron Watson is, in my opinion, the leading metaphysician who brilliantly and entertainingly combines science, mythology, theology and astrology with his deep and inspiring belief systems. This author, national lecturer, successful business man and gentle genius is changing lives. "


    G. W. La Flash, M.D.

Eminent Practicing Physician, National Nutritional Lecturer,

Former Chief Physician, Major Space/Aviation Corp.


"His message has changed my life for good. "

                 John Sfire

           Chairman, Founder of the Hartford Financial  Corp.,

              Chicago, IL

Amazon Reviews:

This book is a must read.... ... March 14, 2015

By Lorena

This book is a must read.... Stay disciplined with the first 3 chapters because they are a little pedantic but very necessary for the rest of the book because after that you will not be able to put it down. This is a book of profound revelations for anybody interested in astrology, mythology, history, religion, philosophy.... In conclusion if you read this book and put it into practice it will change your life.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great book! March 17, 2013

By Aashish Rego

Verified Purchase

This book describes in detail and with simplicity the whys and the wherefores deciphering unsolved mysteries & thereasons for our existence. I feel it may be better understood by those who've risen beyond the material plane and thosewho view worldly possessions as the means rather than the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Eye Opening and Consciousness Raising October 31, 2014

By lcp_bklvr

Verified Purchase

Regarding our spiritual growth and physical experiences, another view on who we are, where we have been and some tools for self realization and self mastery in managing our individuality and personal reality.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Powerful Information! October 19, 2012

By Anne Loader McGee

Verified Purchase

I have only recently come across this gem of a book and the information in it has blown me away. As much as I think I have a good understanding of bible scripture and also of the science of astrology, after reading this book I am now realizing that there is tremendous hidden wisdom behind the symbols of the Zodiac and the information recorded in the Good Book, information I never knew existed. Understanding how powerful these two sciences are and how they must be interpreted in relation to each other is what is truly amazing. I am now of the belief that the author, Ron Watson must surely have taught in the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt--otherwise how else could he know so much?


Listen to one of Ron’s radio shows on Astrology & Metaphysics giving astrological readings to callers.